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The FX120 is an Advanced PON Analyzer that is the ideal tool for service technicians tasked with service activation and resolving service complaints at customer premises by identifying root cause of service issues. Real time data analysis provides downstream/upstream power levels, PON-ID including OLT-ID, ODN class and Tx power, ONU/ONT-ID as well as rogue ONUs that can cause service disruptions to all subscribers sharing a PON-ID.

The FX120 has been designed to address the challenges service providers encounter when installing, activating, and troubleshooting 1Gbps and 10Gbps fiber networks at customer sites. This new PON Analyzer has the ability to simultaneously verify upstream and downstream power levels for GPON and XG(S)-PON per ITU-T standards as well as 1550 RF video signal. The new interface quickly displays signal levels for optical wavelengths, PON ID information, and ONU ID, serial number and status all on one screen. Simply toggle between the two data rates to view 1Gbps or 10Gbps measurements simultaneously while eliminating cross contamination. Users may also use the color-coded pass/fail pre-defined thresholds according to the ITU-T G.984 and G.9807.1 standards or use their own threshold values.

Additionally, the FX120 can also be used to validate high-speed Internet bandwidths up to 10 Gbps, using the optional Speedtest® powered by a ubiquitous network of Ookla® servers.

For more information: https://www.veexinc.com/products/fx120

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