Introducing SWP-BOX | Portable Sweep Transmitter for Extended Spectrum DOCSIS 4.0

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With the arrival of Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) for immediate 3.1 and future 4.0 data rate increase, it is important to start qualifying the current HFC plant to support 1.2GHz and 1.8GHz during ongoing plant maintenance and renovation. Qualify if coax, passive and active elements are rated to cope with the wider spectrum required by the latest DOCSIS standards.

The work for DOCSIS 4.0 doesn't start when chips, Nodes and Modems finally become available, It starts now! It shall be part of the ongoing maintenance of the existing plant.

With the ongoing packetization of the plant, Fiber Deep, R-FHY, DAA, etc., the traditional centralized sweep approach no longer works, since the nodes (R-PHY, RPD) are distributed, the sweep generator has to go where the nodes are. The resulting portability offers extra advantages, such us trouble segmentation (divide-and-conquer approach). Techs can now move the sweep transmitters and the CX380C receiver around, to isolate elements that are broken, failing or don't comply with the newly required wider spectrum. Operators can use the data to assess areas, plan and prioritize the work required to bring the plant up to the latest spectrum requirements.

The SWP-BOX (sweep box) is a rugged, battery-operated device for qualification and maintenance of next generation HFC/CATV plant, which allows Spectrum Expansion to 1.8 GHz. When combined with the CX380C Field Maintenance meter, it becomes a full field Sweep System. Full details listed on our product page:

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