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This short video explains how to use the basic Test Set Registration features offered by VeEX's R-Server Web Interface (Administrator) and Test Set's Client (Technicians).
* Web: How to approve new registration requests or pre-approve test sets before they get deployed.
* Test Set: How to Register or check for new Test Profiles and software versions, to keep the test set up-to-date, and be more efficient.

Examples are shown for CX310 (CATV/DOCSIS) and RXT-1200 test sets. The R-Server client and functionality is also available for the CX350, CX380, TX300s, MTTplus and FX product families. Covering CATV, HFC, Fiber Optics, WDM, Ethernet, Transport, DSL, and more.

VeEX Inc.: www.veexinc.com

CX310: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/CX310
CX350s: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/CX350sD31
CX380s: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/CX380sD31
RXT-1200: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/RXT1200
TX300s: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/TX300s
MTTplus: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/MTTplus
MTX150: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/MTX150
FX150+: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/FX150-plus
FX180: https://www.veexinc.com/en-us/Products/FX180
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